Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

Are you a boy or a girl?

My most favourite question in the world.
Even though my boobs are quite clear, the lesbian stereotypes is always near.
If you are a gay woman why dress like a guy? I know I’m not too feminine yet I don’t really know why
I dress in what I feel the best, If i’m happy why worry about the rest
the rest of the world who will not stop asking
the world who blame ‘queers’ for England raining
I never chose the way I am
I’m a lesbian, I do not wish to be a man.

However, one may be transgender, and one may be transexual
lesbian, gay, straight, bi, dark hair, blonde hair, questionable or A sexual
So why tar everyone with that same brush, does it matter if they have a ‘bush’
does it matter if their favourite colour is red, does it matter who they take to bed
are you concerned about their favourite food, that’s like asking what gets us in the mood
the mood for what? the mood for living. With that type of attitude, my mood is far from forgiving.

I’ve lost friends to narrow minded homophobia
friends who took their own lives over others behaviour
I wouldn’t judge you if you fell for the same sex, so why knock us down to give yourself a complex

A woman once told me I could change who I am, she said that religion could help me to love a man
she would never understand the things that I thought, I don’t want to change myself like a wrong pair of jeans i’d bought

I will never understand why people want to kill us, just for choosing to spend our lives with someone who loves us
choosing someone who makes us happy whether boy or a girl, yet people don’t get it, a lot of people in this world.

I could progress and go on and on, but I think we all know about what is wrong
I think deep down the bullies know that calling that girl fat was that final blow
that calling that boy a bender, a homo, a queer. Pushing that girl over because her girlfriend was near
sending your daughter away from the house, because being a lesbian is wrong, so leave the house

We all are who we are. I don’t judge your choice of car. I would never push you away
So yes I am a girl and yes I am gay.

By Harlee


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