Words Of Tea

When you’re feeling blue and under the weather,

A cup of tea makes everything better,

like a water bottle just for your hands,

helps you make the right kind of plans,

Some like it milky, some like sugar,

some like it with their toast and butter,

I really can’t see how that is nice,

milk and no sugar for me will be fine, if you don’t mind then that will be fine.

When you’ve lost a love or found a new one,

just head home and put the kettle on,

thats one thing that’s always there,

it’s the one little thing that always cares.

Wether you’re 21 or 90 years old,

and you’ve had enough of today and you’ve got a cold,

sometimes you’ve lost what you could see,

so just end the day with a nice cup of tea, just end the day with a nice cup of tea.

If I made you a brew, would you smile?

would you let yourself go that extra mile

its the littlest things in life that mean most

I don’t want your heart, i just want some toast.

A small act of caring that won’t go a miss

early cold morning, it gives your heart a warm kiss,

so if you feel sad then don’t you frown, i’ll make you a cuppa if you pop around.


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