Inspiration & Silhouettes


I took this photo a couple of months ago and this is a moment I found inspiration from. There’s something quite beautiful about the silhouettes of trees. I just stood there, looking and thinking. Taking a moment of time to slow down the busy lifestyle and think. The way the tree bares all and fits perfectly with the darkening sky. Sound deep and strange but I just love it.

When I write a song that I’m really pleased with, it does mean a lot more than what it may portray. Much like when listening to other peoples music, you want to feel the emotion. However it’s not always a break up or a loss which causes moving songwriting, I find it in things right in front of me. So go and look for a piece of Mother Nature, reap the free pleasures of life.

Just a little insider for you all I guess.

I need to get some new tracks recorded, but the EP is on the way so keep an eye out!

Much Lovos


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