Searching For Something…

I’ve been thinking about why I can’t churn out any decent songs lately. By lately, I mean months.

The conclusion I have come too is that I have let myself get so tied up with things in life such as my part time jobs and pointless stuff that I’m not giving myself chance to think. It’s time for me to do something exciting and to start making more out of life.

I’ve got a pot in my room and every week and putting money into it for a trip in January. I’m going to go away somewhere, maybe Europe or maybe somewhere else. From this I hope to meet fresh faces, reap inspiration and learn a few new skills!

On a finishing note, I shall be playing in lincoln TOMORROW night (2nd December) at Liquor Bar in Lincoln! (Above Trebles). It’s a really good open mic night and there is some really fun acts on. Would be great to see you guys.




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