Lyrical Inspiration

A lot of people are curious of what makes us write the songs we do, or where the lyrics come from.

If I’m honest, 90% of the lyrics and songs I’ve wrote have actually come from a true experience. So yes, in a lot of songs I express a ‘heartbreak’ hint, with a touch of being in love with someone who will never love you back. This is actual things that I’ve felt. Sounds sad right? But then some songs are humorous in a way because I look back and wonder what was going on in my mind, the clapping monkey.

You know them nights where you can’t sleep and every toss and turn just makes you more aggravated? When everything is going off and you can’t stop thinking things through in your head? It’s them kind of nights where I go downstairs, put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and let the 3am caffeine hit help me write crazy lyrics and deep shit.

Sometimes I’ll go for a month and I can’t write anything remotely worth listening too. But then sometimes I spend a week writing stuff all over the place, like on the train, in cafés etc. So I guess it just depends…


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